TechBox 2022 –2023: A Journey across Interdisciplinary Experimental Collaborative Learning

Fan Ho: On the ‘Decisive Moment’

Freespace Jazz Fest 2023 Highlight Video

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Joyce Cheung: New collaborations, new sounds

Freespace Ensemble brings together musicians from different musical backgrounds for exciting cross-genre collaborations. In this video, ensemble member and jazz pianist Hong Kong-born Joyce Cheung talks about her recent collaborations with local singer-songwriters Kiri T and Moon Tang, and the inspiring possibilities that such experiences open up.

Inside ‘M+ Sigg Collection: From Revolution to Globalisation’

“When people start paying attention to real individuals and real emotions, art begins to change. This marked another start of modernism for all of China.” Pi Li Following the upheavals of the Cultural Revolution, China's open-door policy of 1978 ignited an era of profound social and economic change. Cities across the country grew into global commercial centres, and many artists sought to stage their own exhibitions, experiment with unconventional styles and mediums, and engage in internati...

Yeung Tong Lung: A Space Beyond Words

“To paint is to create a space beyond words.” Yeung Tong Lung In 1990 Yeung Tong Lung established the Quart Society, now considered to have been the first autonomous art space in Hong Kong. It provided a platform for artists to show art outside of the mainstream and in particular to respond to the conditions of pre-handover, post-Tiananmen Hong Kong. As such, Yeung played a significant role in Hong Kong's avant-garde movement of the 1990s. Largely self-taught, he is part of a generation of...

Fan Ho: On the ‘Decisive Moment’

“Photographing in black and white offers me a sense of distance: a distance from real life. I think this kind of distance is important.” Fan Ho   While much of the Hong Kong of the 1950s and 1960s captured by Fan Ho no longer exists, it can still be experienced through his photographs of the time. The Early Years Fan Ho (American, b. China, 1931–2016) was a photographer, film director, and actor. He spent his early years in Shanghai, where he began taking photographs after rece...

West Kowloon Art Park – Visit Hong Kong's new city park

Plan a little weekend getaway at the West Kowloon Art Park for arts and cultural events, green space, check-in spots and a spectacular harbour view.

Mike Orange & The Universe Travellers

Using current technologies, the process of making studio recordings often involves artists playing a song through a few times and a sound engineer ‘stitching together’ the best parts to create a flawless master track. But for Mike Orange & The Universe Travellers, cobbling together a song that sounded perfect was less interesting than capturing the most honest moments of the session, and giving the final version a human touch.

Joey Leung Cho-yiu - An Invitation: On Empty Theatre

Right now, the theatre industry faces an uncertain future. Since the outbreak of the global pandemic at the beginning of 2020, closures, cancellations, travel bans and lockdowns have had a major impact on theatres, actors and industry workers around the world. This June, Edward Lam Dance Theatre and Freespace invited 30 Hong Kong-based actors to place themselves inside an empty theatre and reflect on their relationship with the audience, and the meaning of theatre, both as a space and as a...

Calvin Ho on Creating Freespace Mural

Come and take a close look at the lively, quirky characters that Ho created for the mural, and snap a picture with them while you are at it. You can also try out the mural-inspired Instagram and Facebook filters and instant messaging sticker pack specially designed by Ho. Download them for free and share with your friends. Direct download (for mobile devices only): Instagram filter Facebook filter Sticker pack Getting to Freespace


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