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Date: 01/04/2021

The 1-on-1 Chat Room – Episode 2

SukiRabbit (Street Dance) X Poon Chun-ho (Theatre)

The 1-on-1 Chat Room is a three-part video series, with each episode featuring two performing artists from different disciplines, as they explore the nature and challenges of performing arts through candid conversations and improvised performances.

The series was filmed in the lead up to The Battle, which took place in late-2020 as part of the cross-genre dance series Cypher – an encounter with dance and movement. In The Battle, theatre actors, street dancers and contemporary dancers were invited to compete and play on the same stage in a collective effort to push the boundaries of performing arts. During the planning of the show, we asked some of the participating artists to engage in one-on-one conversations on a wide range of topics, from their daily life to artistic visions, and to jam and exchange through improvisation. These interactions were captured by video director Ziv Chun and made into a video series, giving the audience an opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by the artists’ thought-provoking dialogues and movement.

Episode 2

SukiRabbit (Street Dance) X Poon Chun-ho (Theatre)

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