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Date: 12/11/2020

Ensemble Transience – Morning Before Departure

Freespace Mixtape Vol. 2

Ensemble Transience

Formed by Teriver Cheung in 2017, Ensemble Transience is a chamber group focused on contemporary music with a hint of modern jazz, classical and improvisation.

About the track
Ensemble Transience – Morning Before Departure
Composer and Arranger: Teriver Cheung
Video Director: Wong Yee Mei

Morning Before Departure describes the dreamy, confused feeling of waking from unconsciousness and slowly picking up momentum to move towards a new journey.

Teriver Cheung (Composition, electric guitar)
Chok Kerong (Keyboard)
Sam Minaie (Double bass)
Mark Ferber (Drums)
Louie Lai Lai,Hui Chi-kin (Violin)
Cass Ho Ka-wah (Viola)
Juanita Wong (Cello)
Izumi Chloe Nikaido (Flute)
Timothy Sun (Alto saxophone)
Toby Mak, Daniel Rosenboom (Trumpet)
Su Yuhan (Vibraphone)
Ang Shao-wen (Conductor)

In our latest series of collaborations,8 groups recorded 14 tracks for Freespace Mixtape Vol. 2.

All tracks are now available to stream on various online platforms:

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