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Date: 12/11/2020

Tree Phoning feat. Wu Chun Hei – this is not a perfect world

Freespace Mixtape Vol. 2

Tree Phoning,Wu Chun Hei

About the track
Tree Phoning feat. Wu Chun Hei* – this is not a perfect world
*By kind permission of Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra
Composer: Tree Phoning | Arranger: Moon Yip
Video Director: Hayman Yip

On October 1st,1949,the People’s Republic of China is founded. Since then, people have found their heaven on earth.

Moon Yip (Electric guitar)
Jessie Yiu (Violin)
Fai Wong (Keyboards)
Ka Lok-ying (Bass)
Kiu Ho (Drums)
Wu Chun-hei (Suona)
Hong Kong people (Voice)

In our latest series of collaborations,8 groups recorded 14 tracks for Freespace Mixtape Vol. 2.

All tracks are now available to stream on various online platforms:

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