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Date: 12/11/2020

Webinar ─ Dancing to Another Tune: Using Movement to Help Decision-making

Speakers: Kate Jewett, dancer, educator and former rehearsal director, Shen Wei Dance Arts Beth Jewett, educator and doctor of developmental psychology, Columbia University

Moderator: Winsome Tam, Head of Learning and Participation (Performing Arts), West Kowloon

Every day we are faced with hundreds of choices, some simple, some more complex. The way we respond may be based on logic or emotions. But how much are we also influenced by physical senses and reactions, especially when confronted with new or uncomfortable challenges?

Kate and Beth Jewett – founders of Moving Minds, a movement-based programme designed to develop communication and creativity – join us in an online seminar to share insight on developing effective tools for improved confidence and skilled decision-making. From their home in US, Kate, a dancer and educator, and Beth,an educator and doctor of developmental psychology, look at the psychological and neurological reactions of our bodies in the face of difficult decisions, and how dance and movement can give us greater control over our emotional and mental responses to new challenges.

The interactive seminar is open to anyone interested in learning how to apply movement-based techniques to everyday life decision-making. The session includes time for audience questions and feedback. Event platform: Microsoft Teams