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Date: 25/03/2022

arts TALKS tech: 10 Hz | fractal

TechBox 2021

Kenny Wong, Jacklam Ho

Hong Kong media artist Kenny Wong and sound artist Jacklam Ho share insight into the creation processes and technology used to revisit two past works – Wong’s 10Hz and Ho’s fractal (previously, Straight Lines Extending) – during the 2021 arts TALKS tech exhibition and sharing at Freespace.

arts TALKS tech is a participatory laboratory where young local artists conduct creative experiments with technology and art. It was presented as part of the TechBox platform for artwork-based inquiry and dialogue – a collaboration between Freespace and the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts – that brings together media artists, theatre designers, faculty members and students to explore new frontiers of technology and performance. 

The presentation with Wong and Ho was facilitated by Joel Kwong and curated by Yuen Cheuk-wa and Bobo Lee.

Read more about arts TALKS tech here.


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