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Date: 03/10/2022

Intergenerational Xiqu Journey encourages intergenerational dialogue

“ This is my first-ever to watch Cantonese opera with my grand daughter”
“For me in the past, Xiqu is something that I do not familiarise with. After joining this programme, I realised we could play, try and learn a lot from Xiqu and pass them on to next generations”

- Feedbacks from participants of Intergenerational Xiqu Journey

The Intergenerational Xiqu Journey is a Cantonese opera experience designed for people aged 60 or above and their younger family members. Through the activities, participants are led from appreciation to hands-on participation, and encouraging intergenerational dialogues.

Taking place between May and July 2022, over 200 participants from nearly 90 families visited the Xiqu Centre for an “Intergenerational Xiqu Journey". The two half-day Cantonese opera experience included a guided tour of the Xiqu Centre, a fun Cantonese Opera movement workshop and a performance by the Tea House Rising Stars Troupe.

After the events at the Xiqu Centre, each participating family completes their journey by creating a collaborative artwork inspired by their experience. Completed artworks will be digitised and exhibited at the Xiqu Centre from the end of September and go online at our official website from October. More details will be announced soon on our website.

The Intergenerational Xiqu Journey programme is generously supported by the Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation.


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