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Date: 12/11/2020

An Invitation: On Empty Theatre

In response to lockdown closures and cancellations, Freespace and Edward Lam Dance Theatre invited 30 Hong Kong-based actors to reflect on the meaning of theatre in the absence of audience and performers.

Placing themselves alone inside an empty black box theatre, the actors recorded unrehearsed monologues. The result is a series of intuitive, heartfelt, short solo videos – a response to the space, and an exploration of the nature of theatre when live performance is impossible.

The full series of videos is now available. Start by clicking on any of the videos on the right.

Participating Artists: Patra Au Ga-man, Anson Chan, Chan Kwun-fee, Jordan Cheng, Margaret Cheung, Cheung Ming-yiu, Chu Pak-hong, Sean Curran, Lai Yuk-ching, Jen Lam, Lau Shau-ching*, Joey Leung Cho-yiu#, Leung Tin-chak, Lim Wei-wei, Ling Man-lung, James Mark, Pak Ching-ying+, Kearen Pang, Shaw Mei-kwan#, Sung Boon-ho, Edmond Tong Chun-yip#, Shirlee Tsoi Wan-wa, Rosa Velasco, Birdy Wong Ching-yan, Chester Wong Po-shing, Wong Wing-sze, Olivia Yan^, Yau Chung-wai, Rebecca Yip Lai-ka, Candice Yu (In alphabetical order by surnames)

* With the kind permission of Hong Kong Repertory Theatre
+With the kind permission of Chung Ying Theatre Company
# With the kind permission of Windmill Grass Theatre
^ With the kind permission of O Theatre Workshop

An Invitation: On Empty Theatre is co-produced and co-presented by Edward Lam Dance Theatre and Freespace, West Kowloon.

Creative and Production Team:
Original Concept and Director: Edward Lam
Dramaturg: Low Kee Hong*
Producers: Lai Siu Fai, Bobo Lee*
Associate Producers: Waisun Chung, Franco Yau*
Video Director and Editor: Kenneth Yuen @ Gain
Production Cameraman: Wong Hing Hang
Creative Co-ordinators: Ho Ting Wai, Ray Leung, Darwin Ng
Co-ordinator: Meredith Wong*
Subtitle Editors: Lam Kiu Yan, Lau Ka Ying, Alysa Leung, Tina Zheng, Kitty Ho*, Peace Chiu*, Vikki Weston*, Loretta Tsang*, Yolanda Cheng*, Guk Yu*
Technical and Production: Annie Yim*

*Staff of West Kowloon Cultural District Authority


Total: 31

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