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Date: 02/08/2021

M+ Rover 2020–21 | Wong Tin Yan: ‘Yes but Why?’ Quiz Show

Wong Tin Yan

Wong Tin Yan is known for his sculptural work made from discarded wooden pallets. He has been an art educator for almost twenty years and also considers his writing for print and online publications and his participation in television as integral parts of his practice. He is a host of the RTHK television programme Artspiration, and the founder of the self-funded art space Form Society. Across his activities, Wong looks beyond conventional materials and situations to find inspiration to create.

Wong graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2000. His work is held in the collection of the Hong Kong Museum of Art, and public and private collections in Hong Kong and overseas. Exhibitions, public art projects, and educational programmes in which he has participated include Charming Tastes and Fragrance: Literature and Visual Arts (House of Hong Kong Literature, 2019), Harbour Arts Sculpture Park (Hong Kong Art Centre, 2018), the Arts Ambassadors-in-school Scheme (Hong Kong Arts Development Council, 2016), The Very Fun Park Contemporary Art Exhibition (Fubonart, Taipei, 2015), and Kwai Tsing Amusement Park and Xinhua Animal Hunt: Sculptures by Wong Tin-yan (Art Promotion Office, 2006). He was recognised at the 40 Under 40 Awards by Perspective magazine in 2010, and received an Entry Prize for commercial interior design at the GDC Awards in 2011.

Playing the role of the storyteller, artist Wong Tin Yan shares a story about learning and takes us into a fascinating world. It is a story about a quiz, in which students respond to a whimsical multiple-choice question. Everybody has an unusual and inventive idea—what is right, and what is wrong? Can we always find the answers in textbooks? Wong Tin Yan invites us to join him on a search for fresh and original perspectives.

Teachers can watch together with students during lesson period, or ask students to watch it at home. After watching, teachers can download the M+ Rover Teacher’s Resource Pack on the programme webpage, to organise extended classroom activities and bring students a deeper understanding of the artist and his practice.

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, M+ Rover has temporarily suspended its tours to local schools and community spaces. To share the programme with teachers, students, and members of the public, we are working with Wong Tin Yan to develop a series of free online learning activities and educational resources based on his work, including a teacher’s resource pack, a conversation between the artist and the curator, and creative videos.

M+ Rover
‘Yes but Why?’
by Wong Tin Yan


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