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Date: 30/03/2022

Cantonese Opera 101: The Music of Cantonese Opera

Janet Wong

In this 10-minute video talk, Janet Wong, a performer with the Tea House Rising Star Troupe, shares information on the vocal styles, pitch and types of articulation used by male and female roles in Cantonese opera.

The Cantonese Opera 101 series offers short introductions to a local heritage art that combines music, singing, acting and martial arts, and which is deeply rooted in Hong Kong’s history and culture.

Other videos include Face Painting and Costumes of Cantonese Opera, with dan performer King Fa-Lui, as well as two introductions to the gestures and martial arts techniques used by lead female and male roles: The Stage Movements of Cantonese Opera (Dan) with Xie Xiaoyu, specialist in dan (female roles) and The Stage Movements of Cantonese Opera (Sheng) with Ng Lap-hei, a specialist in sheng (male roles).


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