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Date: 20/04/2022

Yeung Tong Lung: A Space Beyond Words

Yeung Tong Lung

Born 1956, Fujian. Works Hong Kong. Works by Yeung Tong Lung include Painting and Work on Paper.

“To paint is to create a space beyond words.”

Yeung Tong Lung

In 1990 Yeung Tong Lung established the Quart Society, now considered to have been the first autonomous art space in Hong Kong. It provided a platform for artists to show art outside of the mainstream and in particular to respond to the conditions of pre-handover, post-Tiananmen Hong Kong. As such, Yeung played a significant role in Hong Kong's avant-garde movement of the 1990s. Largely self-taught, he is part of a generation of artists recognised for their distinctly local response to modernism.

In this video, Yeung discusses different aspects of his practice—from abstract to figurative—and shares his thoughts about art and being an artist.

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Video Transcript : Yeung Tong Lung: A Space Beyond Words

Video Credits

Produced by

Kenji Wong Wai Kin

Lo Chun Yip

Janice Li

Production Manager
Jane Leung

Production Assistant
Willis Ho

Yip Man Hay, Lo Chun Yip

Sound Recordist
Chan Yu Hin

Wong Suk Nga, Chung Siu Hong

Au Lok Hang

Sound Mixing
Li Chi Fung

M+ Curatorial Research
Chloe Chow, Tina Pang

M+ Video Production
Chris Sullivan, Angel Ng Wan Yi

Special Thanks
Yeung Tong Lung, May Fung, Art & Culture Outreach (ACO)

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