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Date: 01/01/2021

Dear 2021 – Lee Tik-lun, John Ho Chun-hei

Lee Tik-lun, John Ho Chun-hei

“Don’t get discouraged” – Lee Tik-lun (Ensemble Leader, Tea House Theatre Experience)
“A brighter day will always blossom!” – John Ho Chun-hei (Musician, Tea House Theatre Experience)

Dear 2021
In anticipation of the new year, Xiqu Centre and Freespace invited some of our long-time partners to share their artistry and their hopes for 2021. We are releasing one new video each day for eleven days, starting on New Year’s Eve.
These are portraits of strength, creativity, and hope. These artists have graced our stages, our studios, and in 2020, our online platforms. These are our messages for you, for a better year ahead.

Concept and Design: West Kowloon Performing Arts Division
Video Direction and Editing: Kenneth@Gain Production