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Date: 21/07/2022

Performing Arts Season 2022-23: Wonders Await

At their best, the performing arts can be thought-provoking, causing audiences to step out of the theatre with greater self-knowledge and new understandings and inspirations. The creative approaches behind this season’s xiqu, dance, music and theatre productions at West Kowloon embrace cutting-edge arts tech to renew the artistic practices we all know and love. The stage is set – so make the trip to discover the wonders that await, one performance at a time. Watch our season video!

The highlights of this season include:

  •  “Creative Tomorrow” – Exclusively sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club, this arts tech festival explores endless possibilities on stage and in public spaces for the performing arts and technologies to work hand in hand.
  •  Xiqu – An all-new Magic Tea House show featuring robotics and AI technology premieres, while the Black Box Chinese Opera Festival 2022 highlights local xiqu artists, with generous support from the Friends of Hong Kong Association.
  •  Dance – Audience members can dive into in-person digital experiences in “Phygital D”, and marvel at works in the woman choreographer-themed Freespace Dance season.
  • Music – The annual Freespace Jazz Fest comes back stronger than ever, playing great sounds non-stop, while the Weekly Gigs continue to showcase our exceptional local musicians.
  •  Theatre – The Freespace × HKRep original musical The Impossible Trial, proudly sponsored by Panasonic, finally receives its premiere, and “The Future of Performance” series explores contemporary theatre practices in two unique productions.
  •  Learning and Participation – Diverse activities organised by the Xiqu Centre and Freespace include Guided Tours and The Dance WE Made @ West Kowloon.

Discover the full programme line-up:


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