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Date: 05/01/2023

Experimental Lab 2021 – Post-performance artist sharing 2

What would happen when traditional Chinese instruments are put into an improvisation context? In October 2021, five traditional Chinese instrumentalists gathered for a 45-minute “Experimental Lab” session of improvisation at The Room of Freespace. Playing instruments such as xiao, huqin and pipa, musicians connected in ways we never envisioned before.

This video includes concert highlights and sharing by participating musicians on how this impromptu encounter differs from their training and past performances, and their views on Chinese and Western arts.

Participating Musicians:
Kaisan (Xiao)
Chau Chin-tung (Percussion)
Tung Tsz-ching (Huqin and Sataer)
Mavis Lam (Pipa)
Bao Kwan-ying (Zheng)


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