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Date: 17/05/2022

Experimental Lab 2021 – Post-performance artist sharing

In October 2021, after the Experimental Lab session at Freespace Jazz fest, we talked with the artists about their experience. Hear their thoughts and see highlights from the session in this new video sharing.

Experimental Lab brings together musicians from a mix of backgrounds for a 45-minute session of pure improvisation on self-selected instruments.

The impromptu encounter of artists, instruments and sounds takes place with no prior rehearsal or discussion, opening up unique and surprising new forms of communication.

The 2021 session included six musicians with backgrounds in classical, rock, electronic and jazz who performed on bass guitar, double bass, cello, viola, saxophone and self-made electronic instruments (DIY electronics).

Participating musicians:
Guyshawn Wong
Jeff Lehmberg
Jonathan Yang
William Lane
Scott Murphy
Jasper Fung


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