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Date: 21/09/2022

Phygital D: Tsang Tsui-shan – Chroma 11

An immersive virtual reality installation experience that transcends life and death

17.9 – 1.10.2022

Combining installation, film and virtual reality, Hong Kong film director Tsang Tsui-shan’s Chroma 11 documents a magical tale of artistic collaboration and an otherworldly lovers’ reunion after heart-wrenching loss.

The immersive, interactive experience guides the audience through the intimate creative world of the partnership between dance duo Ix Wong Thien-pau (Malaysia) and Aaron Khek Ah-hock (Singapore). Blurring the boundaries between reality and memory, and using archival material and virtual technology to bridge the divide that separates souls when a loved one departs too soon, Chroma 11 is a poignant reflection on the enduring nature of human connections.

The event is an extension of the true story of Ix and Hock told in Tsang Tsui-shan’s award-winning dance short film Ward 11 (2019) that documents the duo’s life and work before and during the final stages of Hock’s life. The dance in the film is choreographed by Ix Wong Thien-pau.

The VR film of this programme premieres at the Venice Immersive extended reality section at the 79th Venice International Film Festival. It is the first Hong Kong project selected for this section.

Artistic Team:
Director: Tsang Tsui-shan
VR Film Choreographer: Ix Wong Thien-pau
Performers: Ix Wong Thien-pau, Aaron Khek Ah-hock


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