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Date: 14/12/2023

Bright Day – Dreaming Together

Chan Kwun-fee, Fiona Lee and AK Kan

The experimental participatory experience Bright Day – staged in November and December 2022 – invited the audience to be central participants in a co-created waking dream.

Over a period of a week, cross-disciplinary Hong Kong artists Chan Kwun-fee, Fiona Lee and AK Kan collaborated with the audience on a two-part exploratory journey that delved into the city’s collective unconscious.

The first part of the journey was conducted individually by the audience at home. The second part – Dreaming Together – involved a group experience at Freespace. Part dream, part waking reality, Dreaming Together took place within a constructed environment of soundscapes and imagery. This video offers a condensed look at this immersive communal journey.

Bright Day is the second production in the West Kowloon Future of Performance series.

Read more about Bright Day here.

Chan Kwun-fee
Hong Kong-born Chan Kwun-fee graduated from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong and has a background in multimedia and critical theories training. Currently a theatre creator, director and traveller, she is also the artistic director of Littlebreath Creative Workshop. Chan’s work explores contemporary theatre and transdisciplinary performance, taking the body as subject and medium for creating space and experience. Recent projects include Hong Kong Repertory Theatre’s Project Seeing (2020), Only When You Sleep, It Works (2019), Kassandra or the End of the World of Representations (2018) and Present Absentee (2014). Her curatorial projects include Our Land, Our Sea (2020), Where is Our Sea? A Rhapsody of an Isle (2018) and Heptahedron (2015).

Fiona Lee
Hong Kong-born artist Fiona Lee creates work derived from the intersection between installation and performance, and inspired by the exploration of new possibilities. Her recent research into naturopathic therapy and the principles of healing art has inspired her to create by being aware of the power of the body and mind to heal disease. Lee’s installations have featured at a number of international events, including Fishpond Canteen Sustainable Art Festival, Playfreely Festival (Singapore, 2019), ART CAMP TANGO 2017 (Japan), Jockey Club ifva Carnival Everywhere – ifva Carnival 2016 (Hong Kong), Around Sound Art Festival 2014 (Kyoto, Japan), Transi(en)t Manila Project Glocal 2014 (Philippines). She has also performed at Intersection In MidAir (Hong Kong, 2019), Asian Meeting Festival 2016 (Japan), HK Street Music Experimental Series, and Kill the Silence music festival (Hong Kong).

AK Kan
Freelance sound designer, artist and field recordist AK Kan graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre and Entertainment Arts (major Sound System Design). He is currently curating the sound recording project AK IN KK – Nature Field Recording HK. Recent projects include: Jockey Club ifva Everywhere New Work Series Birds Sing Louder in the City, Found Without Seeing (touring performance),Yin Yu Chun Fai (dance performance); Little Smudges Theatre The Beauty of Dot; Fringe Club immersive theatre projects Lingering in Time and Stream of Consciousness; HKAPA Academy Festival 2017: School of Dance Spring Performance and Ocean Park Halloween Fest (2014–2017). He also designed the sound for Dialogue in the Dark Dialogue Experience (2019) and A Thousand Plateaus (Freespace, 2021).


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