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Date: 12/11/2020

The Making of Freespace Mixtape Vol. 1

LAB by Dimension Plus and innoise are the team behind the cool design of our new Freespace Mixtape Vol. 1. Watch the video to hear founder Keith Lam and designer Jerry [email protected] talk about their love of analogue design and the inspiration for the mixtape.

Six of the participating music groups – Vincy Chan & the Prototyke Lab, Karmen Cheung x Alain Chiu, Teriver x Jan Curious, In One Stroke feat. Han Mei, Mike Orange & The Universe Travellers, and Jonathan Yang – have recorded special studio mixes for a limited-edition cassette tape, the Freespace Mixtape Vol. 1.

The Making of Freespace Mixtape Vol. 1 Production Team
Producers: Kung Chi Shing, Michelle Rocha
Production Director: Rae Wu
Engineer: Anthony [email protected] Studio
Recording: Ming Lee & Derek [email protected] Recording Studios, [email protected], Soloan [email protected], Jacklam [email protected] studio
Mixing & Mastering: Anthony [email protected] Studio
Production Assistants: Tancy Sin, Queenie Wong, Michael Lee, June Lau, Heidi Lee
Product Design: Keith [email protected] Plus
Graphic Design: Jerry [email protected]
Photographer: Miss Bean
Special Thanks To: Louis Yu, Sam Yiu, Cheung Pak Ming (Videographer), Ako [email protected] Recording Studios,[email protected] M3Js, Gene, [email protected], sense99, Grace [email protected] 71, [email protected] One, Carr gor & [email protected] Fresco Music Lounge, Hui Chung [email protected] Agenda, James [email protected], [email protected] people is (not) easy

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