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Date: 12/11/2020

Teriver Cheung x Jan Curious

Freespace Mixtape Vol. 1

Teriver Cheung,Jan Curious

Teriver Cheung is an internationally touring guitarist and composer. The Hong-Kong born musician is currently an endorsed artist for the D’Angelico Guitars.

Jan Curious is the frontman of the 5-piece Chochukmo, an indie experimental rock band whose unique style blends rock music with elements of jazz, punk, dance and bossa nova. Known for their energetic live performances, the band were described by TIME as “Perhaps the most charismatic band to have emerged in southern China in recent years.” Through crossover projects with different musicians, the band aims to expand the possibilities of the Hong Kong music scene.

“Jazz is something you have to experience live. You can’t learn by watching a video. You have to be in the environment, watch other musicians.”

Live houses like Peel Fresco Music Lounge and Hidden Agenda are not just great hangouts for music fans, they’re also crucial places for musicians – spaces where they can promote their music, build a fan-base and meet and collaborate with other musicians. “I wouldn’t have met other musicians without these places,” said guitarist Teriver Cheung, who recently worked with Jan Curious of Chochukmo on a collaborative project to create new music for Freespace Happening. Live houses are an important part of the music ecology.


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